The Brief

We were tasked with developing a dynamic visual identity for new start-up Juuce. Juuce aims to provide super fast electric vehicle charging stations across the UK.

Our work involved looking at how we could roll out the brand nationwide. This covered consumer marketing collateral, native applications, charging docks and the visual station signage.

Brand Approach

We conducted in-depth market & competitor research before exploring visual references of energy, location, and charging.

Taking advantage of a colour-gap in the market, it was decided that the 'electric blue' gradient should lead the brand rather than the obvious (and over-used) ‘clean’ green.


Single-weight lines & a simple brand symbol.


A unique logotype strong enough to stand on its own.


Taking advantage of a colour-gap in the market.

preparing for a nationwide rollout

The identity needed to visually represent the business deliverable of location-based electric vehicle charging. It also had to accommodate the nationwide growth of the brand, and communicate it clearly.

The brand needed to be communicated clearly, maintaining legibility across everything from business cards to large format charging station signage.

Crafting A Memorable Logotype, Strong Enough To Stand On Its Own.

After exploring multiple creative routes, we stripped the concept back to a single line-weight logotype & accompanying brand symbol

The branding process had to be adapted quickly to a major change in the client’s overall business strategy. Initially, the plan was to provide individual charge points, which later, developed into large-scale charging stations.

A brand ready to hit the highway

The outcome is an easily recognisable, dynamic brand identity that captures the values of the company and clean energy.

The abstract location pin with a lightning bolt combination act as a key brand element throughout the identity & promotional materials.