After successfully launching London Flavours last year Food Store International briefed adaptable on the next range of products that were to be added to the range. Building on the work of the premium potato crips, the new products branched out into into savoury cheese snacks.

The Design Process

We needed to create a new aesethic in order to clearly differentiate between the existing crisps & new savoury snacks.

Maintaining the recognisable London border outline in the centre of the bag, we used the remaining space to apply the flavour-specific colour way. With all flavours linking to a location in London, we kept the established duotone imagery, tying in with the brand story on the back of the packet.

Brand Development

The London Flavours brand was designed to act as an umbrella to house future products within the range. With savoury cheese snacks being the first branch out, the products still remain part of the parent brand, whilst standing out on their own. As the brand continues to grow, we've already been briefed on new products, and London Flavours popcorn will launch later this year.