The Brief

The International distributor behind the brand approached adaptable to help bring a new food product to market. They were keen to target the Middle East, having successfully exported food brands there for over 25 years.

However, It was now time for them to export their own brand to market.

The project started by conducting an open & honest workshop

The process began by holding a workshop with the London Flavours team to develop the brand strategy. This included understanding the target audience, brand values & tone of voice in order to identity the long–term growth strategy.

The workshop findings were then developed by our team. With the snacking market identified as the desired starting point, we focused on luxury potato crisps.

Building a British brand from the ground up.

After an in-depth exploration stage, we pitched two completely different creative routes. The chosen concept was a London–themed brand. This would appeal to Middle Eastern consumers aspiring to have the London lifestyle. This included visiting world famous tourist attractions & absorbing the vibrant culture.

The name ‘London Flavours’ was born. The brand identity & tone of voice was translated into products & tastes. These were inspired by different London locations & iconic British heritage.

Developing a clear brand identity & visual language.

With the name & creative direction finalised, we started visualizing how the identity could look across multiple applications. This also allowed for elements to be translated into different languages.

The identity took inspiration from London street signage & underground typography. However, we were careful to avoid being clichéd & stereotypically 'London'. The adaptive logo can respond to different situations when scaled across digital devices or print.

Breaking away from the traditional visual conceptions of crisp packaging in a retail environment

Copy was key to crafting a compelling brand story which linked the flavours to the chosen London locations. They ranged from Camden-inspired oak smoked chilli, to Borough Market-inspired cheddar and onion. Consumers were left desperate to get a taste of London.

The packaging features a silhouetted London map, accompanied by an image & colour representing that flavour. Our market research discovered that existing products on supermarket shelves looked very busy, overly-colourful & complex. For the bags to stand out on shelves, they needed to take a cleaner & simplified approach. So we utilised an aesthetic-gap in the market to catch consumers’ eyes.

The packaging was being exported to multiple countries. So we also had to plan for how five sets of translations would sit on the packaging.

Delivering A Taste Of London Culture To The Middle East

Since launching the first range of London Flavours products, early consumer feedback has been extremely positive. So much so, adaptable are continuing to work with the team to develop new products and expand the brand into new territories.