What is Propp?

Propp is a no nonsense online finance platform, designed for commercial resellers to make leasing to their customers easier, faster and fuss free.

The system is a fully automated financial proposal system, enabling sales teams to quickly sell leases to their clients. The system eliminates phone calls to the clients existing finance company and any manual research — Propp does it all.

The Brief

As a new financial product, Propp had a name but no branding. adaptable were tasked with creating the brand identity that reflected the platform's ease of use and customer friendly approach. We had to create an identity that was vibrant and different to similar products on the market.

Alongside creating the brand identity, we produced a simple one page website, explaining the benefits of using Propp as your finance partner.

The Outcome

Early customer feedback shows positive signs for Propp. With their customer focused approach and new branding in place, Propp looks like it will fast become a reliant business backer when SME's are looking for financial assistance.

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