Found in 2013, Intelligent Change is spread across Canada, USA, and England with their headquarters in Toronto. Intelligent Change are a self-development company who specialise in deconstructing behavioural change research into simple products; helping people become happier and more productive in a quicker and easier fashion. The company have launched successful products which include the impressive Five Minute Journal and the Productivity Planner.

Our Approach

Our first key task was to examine where and how the products were being sold. As the company launched its titles, dedicated ecommerce sites were created for each product. The decision was taken to drive all traffic to one central ecommerce hub, allowing customers to access all the products on one website.


Accommodate for the brands social growth & device acquisition


Refine & reflect the company values to target audiences.


Multiple homepage UI elements for conversion optimisation

Shopify eCommerce

All existing shopify sites were combined into one single Shopify store/platform. This has made it easier to manage for the team and has given the customer a better connected browsing experience.

We also improved on existing product pages by creating additional fields for storytelling. This additional content allowed Intelligent Change to further explain the benefits of their products in an engaging and compelling way through a clean user interface design.

Content & Conversion Optimisation

Rather than the usual product imagery and descriptions, we extended the content to illustrate a journey with clear ‘call to actions’ throughout the page allowing users to easily add the item to their cart.

Since launching the website, with our help, Intelligent Change have carried out extensive A/B testing which has lead to further conversion improvements across the site.

The Outcome

Whilst were unable to reveal specific financial improvements to the business, since launching the site weekly revenue has significantly improved. We're excited to see which publication will come next from the Intelligent Change team.

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