01 Mar 2024
4 min read

Managing Elta’s international digital ecosystem



Marketing Manager

Adapting to a changing marketplace and ensuring your digital experiences keep up with rapid growth and evolving customer expectations is challenging for any organisation. But for a global group consisting of 25 brands across four continents, this is even more challenging.

Elta Group has been an international leader in fans, air movement, filtration and distribution for over 25 years. Their UK and Ireland marketing team look after numerous websites for the 13 brands across the region, and managing content across those sites is a significant undertaking, not to mention keeping on top of other key factors such as security, stability and performance.

Finding the right support

Elta needed a trusted partner to take over the management of their UK and Ireland digital ecosystem, including the main Elta UK website.

Our Enterprise membership package was the perfect fit for them in terms of providing the level of support they need for the number of sites and complexity of their setup. The package blends proactive, planned engineering time with reactive support for urgent issues.

Emma Hill, Marketing Manager for UK & Ireland, commented on why Elta chose to work with Adaptable.

“We’d worked with some of the Adaptable team on a previous project, and we were confident they knew our business and our ecosystem well. Having that continuity in terms of knowledge and experience was key for us to keep everything running smoothly.”

how we work with elta

Some of the key work we do to support Elta’s digital ecosystem includes:

  • Ensuring key functionality like product selectors, quote builders and eCommerce work correctly and enable a seamless experience for trade customers
  • Keeping all websites, customer and transaction data across the sites secure
  • Reactive support on urgent technical or security issues via a dedicated support desk, email, phone, or Slack

Sam Poole, Digital Marketing Executive at Elta, commented on the support we provide:

“The level of service is fantastic. The team are always really responsive and on top of urgent issues as soon as possible, keeping us updated even if further investigation is required. Having the Slack channel is really useful for us to be able to report issues quickly.”

But as we’ve touched on, providing a world-class digital experience means you can’t afford to stand still – so Elta’s work with us is as much about proactive development as it is reactive support. Our ongoing work includes:

  • Providing strategic advice and direction on website functionality, UX and technical setup
  • Working to launch and bring new sites into the ecosystem in order to allow for growth and flexibility in their digital strategy across the group
  • Conducting regular audits across the websites and brands to identify opportunities for improvement from a technical perspective

Emma reflected on how the proactive work helps them move forward:

“We have monthly strategy calls with the team which help keep things moving. It feels like we’re all on the same team and striving to achieve the same things. They always make sure we use the time we have in the most efficient and effective way possible – it helps us prioritise.”

Saving time on big projects

The Elta team recently undertook a significant project where Adaptable’s support proved to be invaluable.

Internal restructuring in the group led to the need for another website to be bought into the ecosystem and relaunched in line with Elta UK’s new brand. We were able to support this relaunch by developing a framework to enable them to import products rather than adding them manually, saving a significant amount of time. We also introduced some new functional elements, supported with DNS changes and redirects and offered advice on some enhancements to the Elta UK website that would enhance and improve the user experience.

“The product import was a massive time saver, and having that meant that we could launch our rebranded sites in line with tight internal deadlines. The advice they offered on the homepage UX was also helpful. That’s something that we find really valuable about the partnership – we’ll come with an idea, but they’ll offer that expert opinion and advice.”

Building a successful partnership

As we do with all of our clients, we place a lot of emphasis on collaboration in our partnership with Elta. Both teams bring ideas to the table around how the setup can be involved and improved, and we’ll have honest discussions about the feasibility of ideas and proposed approaches. Considering how changes and development will impact the ecosystem and individual brands in the short, medium and long term is vital to ensuring our approach remains sustainable.

Want to find out more about how we could support you to grow and evolve your digital ecosystem? Get in touch to find out more about our support membership packages.