November 20, 2017

adaptable: The Story So Far

As adaptable turned 2 last month, the co-founders Dan Cooper and Olly Sorsby agreed (with some hesitance!) to let me interview them. We discussed what’s been happening in the studio lately and what the plans for the future are. . .

JC: ‘How would you say that 2015’s going so far?’

DC: ‘It’s good. Busy, but good. After a series of wins, we’re now working with some great new clients such as Harvard University’s Wyss Institute and we’ve just started a project with a nationwide American PR company.’

OS: ‘We’re also about to launch a new luxury food brand across nine Middle Eastern countries. That’s been a really interesting project for us, as we’ve worked in a new area, dealing with multiple translations. That’s on top of our range of exisiting clients here in the Midlands, and around the UK.’

DC: ‘The business is at an exciting stage. Our project wins in multiple sectors are on the up. With clients based worldwide, we’re operating on a truly global scale which is exciting – it’s seen us visit Boston, and spending increasingly more time in London.’

JC: ‘Why do you think you’re winning all this new work?’

DC: ‘I believe it’s our partnership ethos and the high standard of our work are major factors in our success. We take a flexible, honest, and open approach to every client project. It’s an approach that clients respond to well. And we always do things properly, which is another big draw.’

JC: ‘How do you mean exactly?’

DC: ‘Every one of our projects are properly researched, planned and managed from the start. Clients know they can trust us to deliver on time and on budget. As well as winning us new work, our approach has helped us achieve a high retention rate too which is the best compliment we can receive. It’s good to know what we do has a positive impact on our clients businesses and their customers.’

JC: ‘Does this mean you’re looking to expand the team?’

DC: ‘Yes, there are a few job openings going live soon, but we want to hire people who truly get what we’re about as a company. It’s similar to the attitude we take to new clients. We prefer to work with a select group of clients, who trust us to create innovative and disruptive work.’

JC: ‘And how are you finding life here in Birmingham’s Custard Factory?’

DC: ‘Great. Birmingham is the perfect place to start and run a creative digital business, well any business. As you know yourself, there’s loads going on creatively and commercially at the moment and it’s exciting to hear that the Custard Factory is looking to further develop the estate. There’s talent flooding into the city from across the UK.’

JC: ‘I know the team has being working with Birmingham City University (BCU) before the summer. What’s the story behind them?’

OS: ‘We believe in giving back to our industry, especially in design education and with new graduates. It’s an area that we enjoy and feel passionate about supporting.’

DC: ‘That’s why we’re closely involved with BCU. Several months ago we ran an eight week “Introduction to Digital” programme for students, helping to widen their skills and career possibilities. It was really rewarding us, as we were both tasked with delivering the talks and weekly mentoring – there’s a blog on the website that explains more.’

JC: ‘Finally then guys, what’s on the horizon for the next few months?’

DC: ‘As much as we love Birmingham, a London base is in it’s advanced stages now and should be in place by the end of August. We’re visiting London more and more to meet clients, so it’s essential that we have somewhere we can work from properly rather than using the rubbish coffee shop Wifi!’

OS: We’re also planning our next Klick event for later this year. The first one went down really well, so we’re looking forward to the second instalment. This will have more speakers and potentially a bigger venue – check back next month and we’ll have the launch details.’

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