November 20, 2017

Connected eCommerce & Business Operations

When many SME brand owners launch eCommerce platforms, their main focus can sometimes only be directed to serving the customer who is accessing their store online (mobile/tablet/desktop). Taking a step back from this approach and examining all sales points within the business can open up a wide range of improvements to both the customer and the operational processes of the business.

During a recent discovery phase, a client had several sales points across the business, ranging from selling on marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon, right the way through to a physical store, online store and a separate sales platform for trade clients. None of these system properly linked together causing unnecessary amounts of manual administration, which was hugely effecting how staff resources could properly be utilised. However, the other side to this problem is that having disjointed operations can effect how the customer is serviced. The platforms in this case were dated (some desktop based) and were not connected, this mean’t that the customer is constantly using a network of sales points that doesn’t offer them the best user experience.


Being able to make a purchase in-store and later view what loyalty rewards you’ve earned through the website is one example of how connecting systems can drastically improve the experience. Not to mention the valuable data this connected customer activity can give the brand to use for further UX improvements or marketing activity.

Think about your business operations as a whole when planning your eCommerce strategy

If you’re a retail based client and you ever work with adaptable, we take the approach of looking at the business operations as a whole to see how we can best connect platforms to make your workflow more efficient whilst giving your customers a better connected experience.

Shopify POS

Everything from integrating cloud accountancy packages, multi-warehousing, point of sale, inventory and fulfilment. Plus the many other area’s you business needs close attention.

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