November 20, 2017

Digital Sessions at Birmingham City University

We’ve always been believers of giving back in our industry, particularly education and new graduates. It’s something that we enjoy and feel passionate about.

Several months ago, we were approached by the School of Visual Communication at our local University to craft and deliver an 8 week ‘Introduction to digital’ programme for second and final year students, studying brand experience and advertising design.

We spent the 8 weeks delivering a mix of talks, discussions and student mentoring all around digital processes. We set the students a fictional, retail-based brief, which was aimed at introducing them to digital strategy, user experience and user interface design through e-commerce and in-store experiences.

The students were asked to challenge traditional digital retail approaches and to show their processes & thinking methods. In order to do this, we presented how we as a studio, approach projects similar to the brief we had set. The project started with the students researching the problem to see if there were any areas of missed opportunity. From there, we took them through the initial stages of project strategy, creating quick prototypes and design execution – all whilst keeping the retail aims and the user at the forefront of the brief.

At the end of the 8 week programme, we were presented with impressive digital concepts and thought processes. Some groups went further than the brief and added some great multi-platform ideas that bridged the gap between online & the physical retail environment.

We’d like to thank the L5 & L6 students for being open and enthusiastic about the whole programme. The feedback we have received has been excellent, with everyone being able to take away new approaches and thinking methods. The outstanding teams will now be invited to our studio for a portfolio review session.

If you’re a school, university or organisation that would like to increase digital awareness, we can tailor a programme specifically to your needs.

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