October 18, 2018

The Iterative Adaptable Website

A few weeks back I was talking to someone who had been browsing our website and the conversation started something like this:

“Seen you’ve changed your site again. Why do you update it so often? It’s fine as it is.”

These 2 sentences I’ve heard before and have ignored every single time! We treat our studio site as if it were a client we are looking after, and want to help achieve our client (website) better exposure, better┬ápositioning of services and regular work updates.

With our studio site, we see it and (our process) sitting in a constant iteration phase. We don’t want to leave it unchanged for years before one of the team thinks about a complete re-design, taking valuable time away from our everyday project work. In our experience (with our own site) previously it has always taken longer to rip the site up and start again.

It’s this type of advice I always share with our clients too. If we create a great new site for you, don’t just presume it’s job done, and it can be left for 2, 4 or even 5+ years before any further fine-tuning needs to be undertaken. This approach of ‘leave alone’ in the long run will cost more, not only financially but also on the results it’s delivering for you too.

And on that note, I’d invite you to take a look at some of our most recent site updates & case studies. The team have produced some fantastic new work; launching the new homes brand and website for St. Philips and their latest development Harborne Place, plus the new Shopping in Birmingham website.

You’ll notice a few other case studies that are marked as ‘Coming Soon’ – we’ll be releasing our next update shortly!

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