November 20, 2017

Our New Custard Factory Studio

Last week saw adaptable complete phase one of our expansion plans for 2015 – moving into a new studio. We wanted a space that was much bigger to allow the teams to break out into other areas, rather than being fixed to one desk, in one space all day, all week. The new studio is now spread out across three areas with large floor to ceiling windows, flooding the space with plenty of natural light.

Within the space, we now have a meeting area which we intend to dedicate to our client workshops. We have developed and hosted numerous brand, web and user testing workshops over the last six months, where clients have wanted to get to know us and explore how we can improve/reach their business and user goals. We have found workshops very beneficial for all stakeholders, to deeper understand the problem we are jointly solving, whilst discovering areas of missed opportunity.

Kicking off a number of large scale projects over the next few months, we now have the space to allow the team to expand, with web development and UX roles to follow later this year.

If you’d like to discuss a project or arrange a workshop please contact us.

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