November 20, 2017

Thriva: Building the World’s First Preventative Health Service

It’s a well know fact that many people are put off about going to see their GP. The friction points such as booking time off work, having to call to make an appointment, use an online booking system that looks like it’s from the 90’s, a waiting room full of unwell people, the fear of the unknown – they all add up to one uncomfortable experience.

For some people booking an appointment with their doctor is just to much of an inconvenience and a worry. If a patient is suffering from a condition, it’s not unheard off that conditions worsen as the appointment isn’t made early enough for a diagnosis.

New start-up Thriva, is trying to replace this friction, by creating, “the world’s first preventative health service” focusing on blood tests, which can be done from the comfort of your home.  Thriva explained that,

There is no simple and convenient way to track what’s really going on inside your body which means most people are forced to wait until something goes wrong until they can react – we want to change that.

Thriva CEO Hamish Grierson, recently gave a talk at product conference Canvas about the the Thriva platform and the service it offers to customers. From the question and answer session, it was raised around how this is paid service sits next to the National Health Service. Openly, Hamish was clear to explain that this wasn’t a form of private health care, but a service that can work alongside the NHS. A service that can take away some of the strain of waiting times for test results off the NHS. After all, there will always be a proportion of society that will pay a bit extra to have the convenience and comfort of being able to undertake health tests in their home and independently monitor their own health.

To put the product and customer experience to the test we decided to sign up and await for our home kit to arrive in the post. The below video shows how the whole customer experience journey, from ordering to posting back your samples.

The whole process was straight forward and easy to complete, despite the sight of squeezing blood out of your finger into a test tube! When your results are ready, customers are presented with a clean an concise dashboard showing the test results which are examined by a real doctor. The dashboard shows your results in a traffic light system so you can see which areas of your health need improving, with advice on how to improve these areas.

After experiencing this service first hand, if Thriva can encourage more people to check out their internal health through home kits this can only be a good thing in preventing conditions developing into something more serious. People will always argue that you could go and undertake this for “Free” on the NHS but Thriva offers so much convince and trackable data to help and guid you through improving your health.

Check out the Thriva website to order your home kit.

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