November 20, 2017

User Interface Improvements for a Rapid Purchasing Experience

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 released last week, with thousands of hopeful customers waiting patiently in the Adidas’ online que, trying to gain access to the product page. Adidas YEEZY, if you’re not aware, is the collaborative trainer & clothing project between athletic company Adidas & American hip hop artist Kanye West.

With demand so high and the stock limited to around 5,000 pairs for each colourway, a rapid purchasing experience is not only expected but is absolutely crucial.

This frustrating shopping experience has led me to show how even Adidas got this so wrong!

Adidas YEEZY

The above image shows the product page you arrive at if you’re lucky enough to gain access from the que.

Firstly, we can reduce a click by showing the sizing options, rather than hiding them within a dropdown.

Although the major UX issue here, is around size selection.

Users are able to select a size & click ‘Add to bag’, to then find out that size is out of stock. This takes up valuable time & greatly reduces your chances of getting a pair. By showing the sizing option be default, highlighting the sizes out of stock (or currently reserved in other users bags) we can create a more efficient customer experience, avoiding any disappointment.

Adidas YEEZY

Not only is the ‘Add to bag’ button off screen on most devices, it doesn’t draw the users’ eye. It blends in with the ‘store finder’ & ‘get updates’ buttons, which are drastically less important at this stage.

The purchase confirmation text also seems far too dominant, distracting attention away from the next step. This could be made less intrusive by adding it as a footnote to the ‘add to bag’ button.

The above design concept visualises these recommendations & potential improvements.

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