November 20, 2017

Why Discovery Matters

Having recently reviewed our internal project processes in the studio, I thought it would be a good time to share my thoughts on why a projects outcome shouldn’t be pre-decided. At adaptable project processes are king. Discovery sessions, interviewing users, prototyping ideas, hosting brand workshops, A/B testing – it’s all part of what we do, and the list goes on!

Sometimes however, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the end outcome without testing or validating that it is right for the audience it’s being created for. It’s jumping past the exploration, research and validation stages of a project and focusing on, for example, what will the interface look like? Will the brand look like this? Will an app be the only outcome?

A recent brand discovery workshop for London Flavours.

We value being able to spend the time really getting to grips with what the presumed problem we are solving is, and then identify other areas of missed opportunity as we research and evaluate along the way. We might veer off on unexpected tangents, we might challenge the norm, we might even return to the original idea, but we believe that discovery matters. There has only ever been one time where we were asked to dramatically change our working methods, and the end result wasn’t desirable.  So we stick to what we believe in, and how we believe research should be done.

We partner with clients who want to be disruptive in their sectors — they are truly the best projects to work on. The satisfaction at the end when we’ve launched something that hasn’t been done before or adapted a business model that grows, is truly rewarding for both our client and studio teams.

Our paid pre-project discovery sessions are our normal starting point if you are bringing a problem to us that you’d like to understand more about. From us, you can expect an open and honest conversation, where we will challenge your pre-conceptions of the issue in hand in order to better the final product.

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