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Sprints 🏃🏼‍♀️💨

A design sprint is a five-phase framework that helps answer critical business questions through rapid prototyping and user testing.

Design Sprint

You already have products or services which you’d like to improve or develop extra revenue streams for, through new product development.


Learn about & define the problem


Create many ideas that might solve the problem


Decide on the promising idea(s) to take forward


Create a ‘good enough’ representation of your idea(s)


Test your ideas & learn from the feedback

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Rapid Product Design

We’ll take you from zero to branded prototype in just 5 days! Ideal if you have new digital product idea or are gearing up for a first round of investment funding and need visuals for your concept.

Brand Identity

Create or refine the core product identity and brand

User Experience

Low fidelity prototypes, sitemaps and user journey

User Interface

Crafting the key UI components and screen templates


Working prototype to demo and gain feedback


Hi–res mockups, visualisations & brand assets

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adaptable studio
collaborative process

This is a collaborative process, so be prepared to be fully immersed in the project!

You won’t just speak to us on Monday morning and hear from us again on Friday. The week will require you to be fully immersed in the process, we’ll become one team, working towards the end goal together.

adaptable studio
collaborative process
collaborative process
collaborative process
collaborative process
collaborative process
collaborative process

Upon completion you’ll have a presentation deck of the product concepts ready to showcase to your potential investors or other teams within your organisation.

The five days of activity ideally lead to giving you the basic ground work to create or improve your product/service. You’ll get to work with a range of the team from design, development and digital strategy. We look forward to working with your various stakeholders too.

What Next?

Our Sprints can be followed with a Discovery Phase, which will detail additional market/user testing, technical specifications and a delivery plan for your project.

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