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PM Connect is a fast-growing technology SME that connects big sports brands such as the NBA, WWE, Bundesliga and Opta with new fans across the world via the global mobile ecosystem. By delivering content via mobile networks, these brands can reach fans in emerging markets where they may have not have been able to otherwise, and PM Connect’s technology enables that.

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PM Connect has been an Adaptable partner for a number of years, and the team looked to use our experience of its brand to evolve and evaluate the look and feel of their corporate website. With PM Connect having a clear vision and proposition for what it wanted from its new brand and website, it was vital that we distilled that into its core essence to shape our design, as well as enable us to create the right roadmap for the project. The discovery phase enabled us to extract information from key stakeholders and robustly challenge both of our assumptions to ensure the best possible end product.

Brand evolution

As an established brand in the global marketplace, it was key for PM Connect to retain its core brand identity while updating the look and feel that largely hadn’t changed since they started 12 years ago. We used their colour palette and shape of their logomark while bringing in new brand elements to ensure it was familiar but up-to-date and dynamic. This was carried through to the new UI design system for the website, ensuring the team could easily manage content while ensuring the brand remained on point.

Flexible content management

Based on our Enterprise WordPress solution and system of flexible components, PM Connect has all the elements they need to flexibly create engaging content themselves that will look consistent with what we designed. These include image elements, stat counters, call to action blocks and testimonial sliders. We also regularly work with the team to produce white papers that will drive lead generation, and the component system helps them create targeted, on-brand landing pages to drive downloads.

A design system with flexible components

“The quality of work is never in question, but what I do really appreciate above everything else is the level of communication. Particularly as a fast-growing SME, that level of service is really important and the elements of flexibility go a long way.”

Tom Bradshaw-Smith
Head of Communications
PM Connect
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