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Launching a Nationwide House Builder

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  • Web Development

The Background

In 2013, Persimmon Homes former Group Development Director launched St. Philips - a professional land promotion company. Fast forward to 2018, it was time for St. Philips to expand their commercial portfolio and launch their own house building brand, and start selling their homes directly for the consumer.

New Homes Brief

St. Philips wanted us to launch a site that went beyond what other home builders present to prospective home buyers. Rather than selling the property first, the surrounding development areas and lifestyle should be at the forefront of the buyers experience.

Giving Home Owners all the Information

From user research, common patterns emerged that customers purchasing new homes were frustrated with how most developers don't provide enough content around their future property but resort to lots of generic information. St. Philips has invested heavily in content which explains to the buyer the luxurious kitchens and bathrooms which can be customised before they move in, supplied by leading brands Neptune Kitchens and Porcelanosa.

Brand Development

As part of launching the new site for St. Philips Homes, adaptable branded the various developments opening across the UK. Please see our other St. Philips projects for further information about these branding projects.

When launching our new homes brand, it was really important to provide our customers with an easy to use digital experience and one that also reflected the quality of our work. Adaptable has successfully delivered another piece of our digital strategy that we're really proud of, and we know that it is only going to help our customers through their home buying journey.

Fiona Hooton

Fiona Hooton

Planning Director, St. Philips

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