Digital giving guide

How charities can create an end-to-end digital giving experience


Digital has vastly expanded the fundraising opportunities available to charities. With the right strategy, charitable organisations can be really creative in how they raise money through digital touch points. In this guide, we’ll explore the key challenges to navigate around digital giving, how charities can audit their giving experience, and our recommended approaches on what can be implemented, or what you should be looking at to improve how users can donate.


more given by recurring than one-off donors


increase in revenue through up-selling pop-ups


opt into fee-covering with the right donation funnel
Download the guide to discover:
  • How digital can be used to restore trust in giving
  • The various touch points you can hit in the digital giving journey
  • Key processes for auditing and transforming your approach
  • How to maintain your digital strategy in the long-term

“Once you’ve spent time getting donors on board with your cause, it’s time to turn your attention to converting them into long term ambassadors. Focusing on supporter retention and engagement means that the effort you put into acquiring them in the first place isn’t wasted.”

Georgie Wishart
Former Senior Digital Officer

Who this guide is for

Marketing managers

Get the tools and ideas you need to create a long-term digital strategy that delivers more donations.

Fundraising and engagement managers

Learn how harnesses the right digital tools can help you secure more one-off and recurring donations.