07 Jan 2022
Digital Products
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How COVID-19 highlighted the importance of charities’ digital giving experiences



Managing Director

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the charity sector, but one thing to be grateful for is that, thanks to the Internet, charitable giving has evolved far from reliance on collection buckets and in-person fundraising events.

Numerous regional lockdowns and local restrictions over the past 18 months have made in-person fundraising efforts and donations almost impossible, with the Charity Commission reporting that 60% of charities have experienced a loss of income, and 90% have been negatively impacted by the pandemic overall.

Many charities have also taken action to adapt their services to work around the restrictions of the pandemic, including moving more fundraising activity online.

Combined, these things have placed much more focus on digital avenues of donation, which has opened many charities’ eyes to the importance of having an effective end-to-end digital giving experience that resonates with the public. In many cases, the avenue for donation is open but is either limited, misses the opportunity for repeat donations, or is simply not inviting enough.

With the pandemic putting more focus on digital donations, and public trust in charities steadily rising over the last couple of years, now is the time for charities to assess the effectiveness of their online donation experiences and implement a comprehensive digital giving strategy. As part of this, many will find they lack an integrated plan that includes every form of digital giving and fundraising. Adopting an integrated approach across all online channels is key, It helps to encourage engagement, reach broader audiences, create more opportunities for donation, and inspires repeat donors.



How charities can create an end-to-end digital giving experience

Our guide helps charities create, develop, and manage their digital giving strategy, and includes helpful information such as:

  • Auditing donations
  • The essential donation channels to utilise
  • The keys to building an inviting and pressure-free donation funnel
  • How to develop an essential long-term maintenance strategy
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