05 Jul 2022
1 min read

Transitioning to a headless website – a conversation with Davidson Homes



Managing Director

Last month we sat down and spoke to a long term client partner Jack Parrish from Davidson Homes. The American house builder has been working with adaptable since 2018 when we created their first website powered by WordPress. Since 2018 Davidson Homes has massively expanded and this growth has meant that their surrounding technology and infrastructure needed to change to work with complex channels of data and 3rd party integrations whilst keeping the customer facing experience super quick.



In our video, with some of our engineers that worked on the project, we chat through our approaches to the project, how we worked in sprints to deliver a complex and changing brief and how the new headless website project runs with the help of Sanity CMS.

To learn more about what a headless CMS is, watch the video to see how it could help your online presence. Visit davidsonhomesllc.com to experience the headless Sanity website yourself.