17 Oct 2018
3 min read

Increasing Mayhew’s Donations by 165%



Managing Director

Earlier this year we were thrilled to be appointed by leading animal welfare charity Mayhew. Their new site and donations platform have now been live for 2 months and we wanted to share some of the great results we’ve seen in the short amount of time so far.

For us as a digital partner, it’s always important to measure project results, as success cannot be fully defined by solely just re-launching a site, app, product etc. What we plan, design and build need to hit the mark and deliver the results our clients aim for.

To provide some context, when we started working with Mayhew we itemised a list of perceived challenges from internal teams and departments along with users of the charity. Alongside this we also investigated how the current site performed and parts of the site that we felt could be re-thought to not only provide a better front-end experience to the user but also a better back-end experience for the teams who manage the site.

One of the main things we could see needed improvement was the various funnels that users have to pass through to make a donation. Whilst Mayhew could collect donations with their current site, the way the users had to complete that process wasn’t as simple and effective as it could be. We needed to plan the whole donations process to be a quicker, less cumbersome task.

Successfully, we can now report that during the first 8 week period the site was live, donations (online alone) increased by 165% compared to a previous 8 week period. Even though everyone is thrilled to have seen such a positive result, we’ll still plan to A/B test other concepts to fine-tune this process further.

During the planning phase of this fundraising focused website, we wanted to make sure that content and the user flow would be as simple as possible for what is a very large content heavy website. One key process we implemented here was for each ‘section’ to consist of a main landing page, such as Mayhew International, Community Support, Vet Clinic etc and then allow the team to build further ‘child’ templates using a bank of flexible drag and drop components. Of which, a large part of the components were focused around donation widgets. In total, the site features approximately 35 master components with multiple configurations tied to each. By implementing this design and build method it’s been straightforward for Mayhew to manage and it has almost forced good content/section flows to be stuck to, and we’ve seen other great results because of this:

  • +171% increase in eCommerce visits
  • +87% increase in donation page views
  • +11% increase in time spent on site
  • -10% reduction in bounce rate
  • Oh, and we’ll just mention the 165% increase in online donation again!

We’ll follow up this post again next year with some further updates on performance post all the Christmas campaigns planned by Mayhew’s marketing team.

If you are a charity organisation that feels you could be doing more around fine-tuning your online transactions process and would like to measure and scale results like this then Adaptable can conduct an audit of your processes and provide you with an implementation plan of action.