December 16, 2019

The digital home-buying revolution: Opportunity knocks for new home builders

A new generation of first-time buyers are driving a seismic shift in the way new homes are bought and sold. For new-home developers, now’s the time to get your house in order – or risk being left behind.

It’s no secret that today’s first-time buyers have it tough – but it’s not just the ‘rental trap’ that frustrates the pursuit of their dream home. Even when the deposit has been saved for and the mortgage agreed, the home-buying process itself can be one of the most laborious, stressful and frustrating experiences you can go through.

Based on first-hand experience and extensive research, adaptable have created this guide to help you learn more about the digital strategies and tactics that exist across all key stages of the home-buying process – and how they can help improve your overall customer experience.

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