Launching personalised dog super food subscriptions




Branding, eCommerce


2 months


Boop is a disruptive startup dog food brand, made 100% in the UK with fresh & traceable ingredients that are slowly baked into super delicious kibble. Their products are available in a range of delicious flavours that are personalised and delivered straight to your door.

  • Branding

  • E-commerce site

  • User experience design

  • Mobile Excellence

  • Honorable Mention

Crafting a playful brand with colourful consistency

The boop brand has been crafted to target a predominantly female audience, whilst remaining aesthetically neutral to not alienate other audiences. After exploring various directions, we arrived at a really similar, clear and memorable logo which subtly includes ‘tails’ as a nod to our furry friends.

Colour palette

The colourful palette references the flavours in their products, with pieces of the logo being used as a dynamic brand element throughout the identity.

Packaging & Collateral

With the first product run requiring printed labels, we create a packaging system consisting of clear and simple colour-coded artwork, applied across the food and treats in a range of sizes.

Creating a bespoke eCommerce store with recommendations and personalisation

Users can make one-off purchases or set up subscriptions to receive products at a chosen frequency, which can easily be managed and controlled within the customer account area. The subscription service also offers discounted pricing to aid with boosting

Building a product recommendation funnel

As a new product to market, owners may not know the best product for their dog, so we decided to build a bespoke ‘dog food finder’. This simple, multi-step funnel asks users to enter information such as dog weight and age in order to recommend the best products to suit their dietary requirements.

Catering for personalised packaging

To offer an extra level of product personalisation, pet owners also enter their dog’s name, which updates within the website interface, applying the name to product packaging, which is handwritten onto stickers when orders are processed and shipped.

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