Creating an MVP app in 3 weeks




Fastrack Prototype


3 weeks


GoRolloe is a device that attaches to bike wheels to filter air pollution, by simply using the rider’s motion and energy. As part of the products development, adaptable were tasked to create the MVP app that users would use in sync with their air filtering device.

Fast track app MVP

Utilising our Fastrack MVP program of work, working with Bupa’s Eco-Disruptive & GoRolloe teams, we were able to examine the user journey based on research and insights gathered upfront and then plot this into an initial user flow for the mobile app.

Users first, features later

As the app concept developed, we were then able to look at other potential commercial routes tied to functionality that could be made available to users in the future such as rewards and gamification.

A launchpad of opportunities

Working with us to deliver a Fastrack MVP has enabled GoRolloe to have a version of their app MVP prototyped to demonstrate the concept to focus groups (for further research and insight gathering) along with having something tangible to demo to potential investors and partners.

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