Product prototyping for gamified clean air technology




Fastrack Prototype


3 weeks


GoRolloe is a patent-pending technology that uses the energy produced by cycling to filter air pollution. The company’s founder, a London-based industrial designer, came up with the idea while cycling through the city and being exposed to harmful gases and particles. As part of their efforts to secure commercial partnerships, GoRolloe, working in partnership with Bupa, needed a high-fidelity prototype for a companion mobile app that would sync to their air filtering devices.

  • App prototype

  • User experience design

  • Digital design system

Getting in the flow

GoRolloe needed to demonstrate a look and feel and user journey that appealed to their product’s target audience of young, eco-conscious professionals in urban areas. We needed to incorporate several elements to co-exist in one consistent experience that would be seamless to navigate around and become an effortless part of the user’s life.

Gamifying the process

With a view to making cutting air pollution a fun challenge, we mapped out core features of the app centered around user stats and gamification. Usage stats needed to be presented in a clear and familiar way – with our target audience being well-versed in the likes of fitness tracking, they would be used to stats at-a-glance. The gamification functionality would see users trading in their m3’s of air filtered as “points” to claim rewards. Finally, we scoped out the e-commerce element – enabling users to order new filters for the GoRolloe product from right within the app.

Securing buy-in

Our prototype process took the idea to a working app concept in just 3 weeks – enabling GoRolloe to rapidly test the flow and iron out any problem areas with actual users and focus groups. Initial feedback could then be incorporated into future developments and the prototypes used to demonstrate the offering to potential investors as part of a round of fundraising.

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