Get your ideas off the ground with rapid prototyping

We can help you get buy-in and secure funding for your projects with rapid prototyping – delivering innovative digital product concepts to spark the imagination of investors and stakeholders. Perfect for start-ups looking to undertake a fundraising round or internal teams looking to build a strong business case, our accelerated process enables you to get a visual and tangible concept to power a conversation.

What's involved

Digital product concepts

  • Website prototypes
  • App prototypes
  • Interactive prototypes

Investment decks

  • Brand design
  • Investment presentation decks
  • Customer journey concepts

Start a

Our rapid prototyping process delivers a minimal viable product (MVP) that you can use as a tangible demonstration to investors and stakeholders that your idea has potential. It can also give you the opportunity to collect valuable feedback which you can incorporate when you move forward with developing your digital product.


Our proven process can deliver an MVP within as little as two to three weeks, allowing you to stay agile and work to tight timescales to secure vital investment and move your ideas forward.

Users first,
features later

Everything we build has people at the centre, and our rapid prototypes are no exception. When crafting your MVP, we start with who will be using it, and design a product that will help them achieve that. It’s that simple. Additional, enhanced features can be planned in and added later.

brand development

To help bring your idea to life, we’ll support with creating a visually striking brand identity that chimes with your values and your target audience. We’ll then apply this across product concepts, investment desks and other collateral to keep everything looking consistent.

Kick-start your idea with rapid prototyping
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