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Leukaemia UK


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3 months


Leukaemia UK is a leading charity funding ground-breaking research into better treatment and a cure for leukaemia and other blood cancers. We worked with them to build a more flexible and accessible website in line with their rebrand, and helped transform their digital giving experience to drive more donations and engagement with their cause.

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Every digital product we build has people at the centre of it. But with so many relying on the vital work that Leukaemia UK does, it was particularly important in this project that we carefully considered who would be using the digital product and what they needed to get from it. The discovery process enabled us to identify the internal and external users who needed to access, manage and interact with Leukaemia UK and what they needed to be able to achieve.

During discovery we also assessed the performance of the current website, investigated integrations with third-party services such as Salesforce and payment providers to streamline processes, and conducted in-depth market research and competitor analysis. From there, we were able to recommend an approach and scope out a project that would enable LUK to have the most impact possible.

the stack

As part of our discovery process, our engineers review current site performance and any back-end processes, thoroughly investigating opportunities to streamline and deliver a better experience for both internal and external users. A key finding from discovery during this project was to separate off donations on to a dedicated CMS away from the main website. This would mean fewer technical limitations and help to prevent bottlenecks in the processing of data and therefore ensuring a better experience for the end-user.


Ensuring the website was accessible and usable for everyone, and that everyone got a consistently great experience, was a key part of this project. Extensive work and testing was done throughout to assess the main website and the donation funnel’s compliance against the WCAG 2.1 AA standard, and this work is ongoing to ensure we keep up to date as the website and its content evolve and change.

A design system with flexible content components

Streamlining the online donation experience

The donations CMS is separately managed with a funnel optimised for recurring donations. Integrations with third-party services including Salesforce, payment providers and marketing software enable better reporting, easier payment processing and simplified creation of campaigns.

A platform for user-generated fundraising

To enable Leukaemia UK to easily launch and run giving campaigns, we designed and built a scalable solution based on our Enterprise WordPress offering.

Building a partnership

We build lasting partnerships at Adaptable. As well as providing support to ensure security and performance, we’re working closely with Leukaemia UK’s marketing team to continue to evolve the site and the donations experience. This includes implementing additional integrations and enabling more donation types.

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