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We successfully launched Mayhew’s website in 2018, seeing donations improve by 165%. Due to high profile supporters increasing the number of potential donors visiting the site, we needed to capitalise on this with a dedicated donations platform.

  • Funnel optimisation

  • User journeys

  • Process automation

The impact


revenue increase from upsells


of donations included upsells


of users paid payment fees

Understanding the donor journey

Firstly, we needed to map out the journeys for the multiple donation processes. Our aim was to create a single funnel with as few simple steps, presenting only the essential form fields so the donor didn’t feel like they had to undertake a large task.

To aid this, we introduced functionality such as automatic address lookup and streamlined data protection messaging. Due to the build approach we took, users could access every stage of the donations funnel without the need for the page to reload, making the process quicker.

Creating new revenue opportunities

Whilst undertaking the discovery phase of the project, we looked for new commercial opportunities to generate additional revenue to expand the standard basic one-off or recurring forms of donations.

Looking through the types of donations users were making in the current process and exploring the marketplace, we decided to introduce two new upsell options which could boost Mayhew’s total donation value – pet treats & donation fees.

Upsells to increase total donation value

The upsell popup allows Mayhew to present options to their donors such as an additional ‘treat a pet for £3’ or ‘add a flea treatment’.

This addition alone has had a very positive impact on the revenue from the new platform. In the first month of going live, 46% of donations included at least one of the £3 pet treat upsells, with some donors adding several, occasionally adding up to more than their initial donation!

Generous donors are happy to cover transaction fees

We also designed and built into the journey the functionality for the payment transaction fees to be calculated live. These fees are presented to the donor on-page and provides the option for the donor to cover the fee, allowing Mayhew to receive their full intended donation.

Generously, 60% of donors opted in to cover the transaction fees, which will be a significant saving to Mayhew fundraising team over time.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with Adaptable and we are thrilled with the results.”

Caroline Yates
Chief Executive Officer
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