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Digital transformation for one of London's leading animal welfare charities

We worked closely with the team at Mayhew to help improve user experience by crafting a consistent design language

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The Background

Founded in 1886, Mayhew is an animal welfare charity working to improve the lives of dogs, cats and the people across London and internationally. The charity approached adaptable to streamline their online experience alongside the implementation of a new business wide digital strategy.

Our Approach

Firstly, we needed to understand the issues Mayhew were facing online through multiple pathways such as donations, rehoming, clinic services and community support. To do this we went out and spoke to people who interact and use the various services Mayhew provides. From this interview time and insight we were able to produce a set of user-personas which highlighted what each user wanted to do when interacting with Mayhew. This also highlighted a number of current friction points that needed resolving when planning the new site architecture and experience.

A New Digital Language

Mayhew had an extensive brand guideline in place from their recent rebrand. Whilst this was helpful to guide the aesthetic of the new online presence, it needed to be expanded to ensure the transition from print to screen stayed consistent.

To help shape Mayhew’s digital language, we kicked off the design process with a series of style tiles. Quickly producing multiple aesthetic approaches from the brand guidelines, we worked with the marketing team to define how we wanted the brand to be perceived in the digital space.

Building a Component Library

From the start of mapping out the new user experience, it was clear that Mayhew would need an extensive library of components. This would allow them to quickly & easily build out new templates across the site, particularly when a new appeal needed to be launched.


With donations being an integral part of the website, we had to plan out the multiple ways users can give to the charity. Everything from one off giving, regular direct debits, gifts in your will, celebration or business membership - everything had to be clear and concise so users could complete their transaction without any distractions in their journey.

A number of different payment gateways and subscription services were explored to make sure Mayhew paid the lowest transaction fees possible and back-office work was reduced.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with adaptable and we are thrilled with the result”

Caroline Yates

Chief Executive Officer

A Flexible User Interface

A large part of the components were focused around donation widgets in key areas of the site, allowing users to quickly give what they can, on a one off or recurring basis. In total, the site features approximately 35 master components with multiple configurations tied to each.

Shopify eCommerce

Along with Mayhew’s ability to collect donations online, we were also briefed to launch a new eCommerce store for their branded products & sponsored gifts. The previous eCommerce section of the website had a different user interface to the main site, which was something customers had fed back as feeling strange and inconsistent with the main Mayhew website.

Along with the Shopify eCommerce store, Mayhew have the ability to embed products within content pages and link them directly to the checkout. These products can be used internally or shared with bloggers who write about Mayhew’s work.

We selected adaptable for their creative approach to our brief – which was all about creating a great experience for our various audiences – and the impressive work they put into the tender process. At Mayhew we recognise that digital is a force for good and our new website will play a key part in our new digital strategy. We hope the work that we are undertaking with adaptable will allow us to help even more animals and people in our community.

Georgie Wishart

Georgie Wishart

Website and Digital Officer

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