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Norfolk Coast Partnership




3 months


The Norfolk coast is one of the UK’s most diverse and unique landscapes. Following a rebranding project, the Norfolk Coast Partnership looked to launch a fresh and striking digital identity that would showcase the work they do to protect the fragile landscape, whilst promoting sustainable tourism within the region.

  • Digital design system

  • WordPress CMS

Prioritising digital

As more and more people look to digital to discover places to visit and things to do, the Partnership recognised the need to create a strong presence that would spearhead their new identity in the digital space. They needed our help to ensure that their new brand could be applied consistently across online channels – with a core focus being their website. The size and scope of the branding project they undertook highlighted the importance of executing the new identity perfectly in the digital space.

Bringing the brand to life

The new Norfolk Coast brand was full of uniqueness and character – so we set out to ensure that this fully came across digitally. Applying a digital brand identity isn’t just about fonts, colours and logos – there are a whole host of considerations from animations, buttons and menu styles to the use of imagery and space to give a brand the right feel. Our designers worked closely with both the team at Norfolk and their branding agency to create and execute a shared vision for how the new identity would “feel” in the digital environment.

Creating a sustainable design system

Ensuring the digital brand was sustainable and easy to consistently replicate across different channels and platforms was a key priority. Based on our initial concepts and their brand guidelines, we created a comprehensive digital design system which would allow us and Norfolk to seamlessly roll out new assets and tools across various platforms in the future.

Executing the vision

All of our projects with a strong focus on brand involve balancing between visual impact and technical execution to ensure a usable experience that’s catered perfectly to the key target audience. Our design and engineering team worked together to create the framework for the Norfolk Coast’s main website, which using our design system of flexible components can be populated with content as they build out their wider digital strategy.

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