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PHMG help thousands of businesses to connect with their customers through the power of sound wherever, however. As part of PHMG’s rebrand and drive for further growth, a partnership with adaptable was formed to deliver a new international website and client portal.

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With PHMG working with customers of different shapes and sizes and with a plethora of different teams within the business, we conducted a discovery sprint to aid our research into the right roadmap for the project and PHMG.

Our discovery process concluded with a full findings document and plan of action for the months ahead across the main site and client portal.

Design system

We worked closely with the internal digital teams at PHMG to create a design system in line with their new brand identity. We needed to create a scalable bank of components to cater for PHMG’s range of multi-media assets. The system includes a range of page templates allowing PMHG to be more expressive with video and imagery where required, as well as including audio content on key pages. We consistently use the primary gradients for specific calls to action and audio content to build a user’s association with colour on the site.

“The team have built a solid digital foundation for PHMG as they evolve with the new brand identity”

Olly Sorsby, Creative Director


To meet the large scale needs of PHMG, we opted to create an enterprise-level WordPress powered website for all marketing and content-driven elements of the website, expanding the core WordPress CMS functionality. This is also complimented with a scalable AWS infrastructure around the website and content delivery.

Page & content

As always, we’ve built the site in a way that allows endless pages to be built in the WordPress CMS as required. Using the components as building blocks allows PHMG the flexibility to cater for any content. Select components have multiple styling and colour options to allow for more flexibility with the brand’s diverse colour palette.

Corporate site

Alongside the main PHMG website, a separate corporate site showcases the leadership team, investor-related information and further details about their charitable foundation.

Client portal

The client portal allows PHMG clients to access all their audio files and update their contact details and billing information. Our separate product case study for this project will be launching soon.

“The care and attention to detail was superb. And it’s just always nice working with nice people. It just makes things so much easier. Very responsive, and always looking to create the best work.”

Tom Heaton
Global Creative Director
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