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Founded in 1998, PHMG provide industry-leading audio branding services to tens of thousands of organisations globally. Following a significant branding project, PHMG partnered with us to launch three new experiences across their digital ecosystem: a customer-facing website, customer portal and corporate website for investors.

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  • WordPress CMS

  • Digital design system

  • Customer portal

  • Multi-site

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Not only does PHMG have a wide variety of customers, prospective customers, and stakeholders, they also have over 1,000 employees distributed across the globe. We needed to understand exactly what it was that each type of user needed from the different digital platforms. Through discovery, we were able to map out all of the key users and their journeys, which informed our development roadmap for the two websites and the digital product.

Creating a design system

All three digital experiences needed to feel consistently like PHMG. Following their rebrand, they had some striking brand elements which we wanted to ensure were thoughtfully incorporated into the design of each product. Working closely with their internal brand team, we created a scalable bank of components to cater for PHMG’s range of multi-media assets and different applications of the brand. The design system enables PHMG to be more expressive with video, imagery and audio content within custom page templates while keeping that all-important consistency.

“The team have built a solid digital foundation for PHMG as they evolve with the new brand identity”

Olly Sorsby, Creative Director


The main customer-facing website is built on our enterprise WordPress platform – expanding on the core WordPress functionality to deliver improved scalability, stability and performance. This was particularly important to meet the large-scale needs of PHMG, and ensure they can scale as they continue to grow.


Using flexible components as building blocks, we’ve built the website in a way that allows PHMG the flexibility to create page templates and engaging content while maintaining consistency. Select components have multiple styling and colour options to allow for even more flexibility and expressiveness within the brand’s diverse colour palette.

Enhancing the customer experience

To deliver a customer experience in-line with the quality of their services, PHMG needed to move away from their outdated portal infrastructure and to something much more stable, seamless, and consistent with their new brand. We rebuilt their customer portal with a React frontend decoupled from the backend, giving much more flexibility in the look and feel and improved performance. The portal integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics to pull in live customer data and invoices, giving the customer one source of truth for all of their activities with PHMG.

Corporate website

Alongside the main customer-facing website, a separate corporate site showcases the leadership team, investor-related information and further details about PHMG’s charitable foundation, all consistent with the wider design system.

“The care and attention to detail was superb. And it’s just always nice working with nice people. It just makes things so much easier. Very responsive, and always looking to create the best work.”

Tom Heaton
Global Creative Director
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