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Discovery helps to create a base project strategy, with new insights and actionable plans of activity

Our discovery session provides us with a comprehensive strategy for your project.

This crucial phase will form the building blocks of your project, helping us to investigate and identify drivers from across your business’s people, customers, processes and technology that will lead to more successful outcomes.

The key deliverable at the end of the discovery phase is a clearer understanding of key areas such as our combined vision for the project, its core objectives, the audience, their goals and challenges that need to be overcome, whilst identifying further ideas that could be rolled into the project.

During the discovery process we combine the expertise of our in-house digital specialists with the intelligence taken from across your organisation to help define answers to:

- What are the business objectives for the project?
- Who are the audience and what are their goals?
- What does success look like and how do we track it?
- Are there people, process or technology obstacles that need to be overcome?
- Who are the key stakeholders and what are their expectations?
- What is the budget allocation and timeline for the end to end project?


Stakeholder Requirements

Stakeholder engagement is crucial for the success of any project. It’s during this early stage that we will clarify what the needs, objectives and success criteria are for each of the project’s key stakeholders. We will determine the decision making and escalation processes required to keep the project plan on-course whilst ensuring that best practices are applied at each stage throughout its execution.

Audience & Business Objectives

Forging ahead with your project without first having a clear understanding of what your business objectives are and the audience requirements that you’re looking to answer is likely to result in failure. During discovery we will partner with you to conduct top-level quantitative analyses of your business goals and audience requirements that will enable us to define solutions which will result in specific, relevant and measurable outcomes for your project.

Body of Work

The parameters of the project will determine the outputs but generally at this stage we will be developing key elements such as low fidelity prototypes, design concepts and content hierarchy that will help to visualise frontend architecture, through to listing out the core areas of the project that need to be defined in more detail.

Discovery Presentation

At the end of the discovery phase we will document all the findings, visuals, budgets and key recommendations for the implementation of the full end to end solution for you to review ahead of a presentation to your team.

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