Helping you to plan a strategy & bring together all teams

Complex digital products can sometimes feel overwhelming. When projects aren’t straightforward, a well-investigated brief of business and user requirements is the best starting point.

We help you achieve this through a digital product discovery process, so you can gather insight and partly validate your ideas at a low cost before investing in your main project.

Our discoveries usually run over a few weeks, during this time we’ll have provided a steer on solutions to your problems and answers to your questions.

At the end of the process, we’ll present you with a document that will summarise all our findings from your workshop, a recommended agile roadmap, technical approach, budget information, and how we can get started.

What you'll get

  • Clear definition of scope and expected number of sprints and/or project timeframes (aka budget and schedule).
  • Project plan and any necessary strategy documentation.
  • Peace of mind that we have the right information to complete your project, and help you build your business.
  • A chance to see how our design & technical teams can support you.

What's involved

  • Discovery workshop to engage & align stakeholders and define your business and project goals.
  • Project and outcome research (questions to vet our assumptions).
  • Product and user group audit.
  • Feature scoping and technical specifications.
  • Investigation with any 3rd party assisting you with the project.
  • Analysis of findings.
  • Discussion of results and anticipated processes.
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