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Getting the right thing, built in the right way is vital to the process of developing a digital product. Our proven discovery sprint process helps us to challenge assumptions and perceptions about your company, your audience, your goals, and behaviours collectively. This enables us to refine the project outcomes, establish a clear set of actionable deliverables, and initiate the project on the right foot.

What's involved

Discovery workshop

  • Engage and align stakeholders
  • Define business and project goals
  • Identify key users
  • Explore how users interact with you


  • Top level sitemap
  • Project and outcome research
  • Scoping out features
  • Technical specifications
  • Investigation with third party platforms and apps


  • Digital product strategy
  • Competitive analysis
  • Project outline
  • Formal statement of work

the process

By structuring the discovery process as a sprint project, we help you get clarity on your digital strategy in weeks, rather than months. You’ll have a dedicated block of time in our studio to focus solely on the discovery sprint, where we conduct research, analysis, planning, and create an in-depth discovery findings document. We’ll then share this document with you for discussion before agreeing on a statement of work.


Get clarity

We help you uncover a digital product strategy and roadmap that makes sense for you and your organisation through a well-structured discovery process. We help you by cutting through the noise to determine what is absolutely necessary, and develop a clear project scope and plan, ensuring delivery within a sensible timescale.



Our approach to digital experiences focuses on people. We dedicate time to identify key users and user groups, exploring how they interact with you digitally. Through this process, we uncover the specific needs of key people and set out how we will help them achieve these needs.

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