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Challenge assumptions and perceptions about your organisation, audience and goals and unlock a way forward. We’ll guide you through a proven process that’ll give you actionable strategy, timeframes and outcomes to kick off your project.

Our approach

Discovery workshop

We’ll kick off with an in-person Zoom session to get everything out on the table:

  • Engage and align key stakeholders
  • Define organisation and project goals
  • Identify key users
  • Explore how users interact with you


We’ll then go away and conduct independent research to begin:

  • Creating a top-level sitemap
  • Scoping out features
  • Developing technical specifications
  • Investigating third-party platforms and apps

Findings & Next Steps

At the end of the process, you’ll get a comprehensive findings document that will outline:

  • What your competitors are doing
  • Your digital product strategy
  • An outline for the project
  • A formal statement of work

Why discovery?

Get clarity

In a busy organisation, you often can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to digital. Discovery offers that invaluable outsider perspective that brings expertise and experience to the table. Combined with your in-depth knowledge of your organisation and the needs of your users, together we can develop a winning digital strategy.

Focus on people

Is a focus on “things” driving your digital strategy in the wrong direction? What do you actually need? What do your users actually need? We’ll help you take a step back and look at the data to align your digital strategy with the needs of the people that matter – your users, customers, supporters and stakeholders.

Think big

Your future vision could be being held back by what you currently think is possible. Discovery helps you to open up a world of possibilities by giving you access to specialist knowledge of the latest tools and technologies. We’ll show you what could be possible, not just what’s possible now.

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