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The Autism Service


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The Autism Service offers reliable, private autism and ADHD assessments for children and adults. With a team of over 60 healthcare professionals and 27 clinic locations across the UK, they needed to reposition their identity and website from a local service to a national brand. We worked with them to develop a new look and feel, giving them the frontend experience and the presence they needed to continue to scale.

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Project Background

The Autism Service’s mission is to provide the highest quality, evidence-based assessments for ASD and ADHD in children and adults. Their network of assessment clinics stretches across the UK, but their existing website made them appear like a small, local service provider when they had national capabilities. Having seen a massive increase in demand for their services in the last 12 months, they needed their digital to catch up with this growth and reflect a trustworthy, professional and national service provider.


TAS were looking to create a more approachable look and feel to stand out against what can sometimes be a very cold and clinical looking space. We worked closely with the team to map out possible user journeys, from searching for a nearby clinic to booking an assessment. We created a two phase project roadmap, the first being the marketing led website promoting the service offering, and the second being a fully integrated digital product to power, bookings, and doctor/patient comms.

Showcasing nationwide availability

In the first phase of the project, we created a WordPress-powered website that enables them to show the availability of all their nationwide assessment locations and drive users towards enquiring or booking about an appointment. Structuring the project in this way enabled TAS to deliver a better frontend experience within a faster timescale, while planning in further sprints to start immediately after launch to begin developing the digital product.

Developing a fully integrated digital product

Phase 2 of our work with The Autism Service is ongoing – a series of agile sprints to deliver an end-to-end digital booking experience to give them control and visibility of the full user journey from enquiry, to booking, to record keeping and patient comms. This will enable TAS to streamline their processes and cater for the increased demand for their services and have a truly bespoke clinic to patient experience.

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