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Tiviti is a ground-breaking enterprise level platform delivering Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) to large organisations. By combining LAN and WAN into one solution and one supplier, and delivering through a flexible per-user, per-month subscription, they take the headaches out of network management whilst helping organisations to reduce costs.

  • Self-service portal

  • Management dashboard

  • Custom API integration

  • Ongoing development

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Project background

The world of telecoms and network infrastructure was due a shake up – and Tiviti saw the opportunity to deliver a more streamlined approach to connectivity for organisations, particularly since the explosion in home and flexible working. With a subscription-based model, customers engage with Tiviti in the same way they would with a utility provider. This meant that they needed the kind of user-friendly self-service experience that they’d come to expect from (some) leading utility providers.


Working closely with their internal product and leadership teams, we scoped out the entire Tiviti customer journey and what they would need from interacting with the product. In line with further research and the identified user personas, we also sat down with Tiviti’s sales and support consultants who would be sitting behind support on the product to help ensure we were designing and building the tools to assist them with delivering maximum value to their customers.

Agile approach

We’ve worked with Tiviti for a number of years and the product’s current lifecycle has been developed through multiple sprints across discovery, design, engineering and user acceptance testing. This approach has allowed us to flexibly adapt the roadmap in each sprint, shaping the development backlog accordingly to ensure we are consistently bringing in improvements and new features that meet the needs of Tiviti and their customers.


The platform integrates seamlessly with Tiviti’s APIs pulling in live data from their monitoring software and displaying it on the dashboard for an at-a-glance view of the network and the devices connected to it. Customers can also manage accounts, users and billing directly from the portal rather that having to deal with multiple applications.

A complete design system

We created a complete design system from scratch for Tiviti and their digital product, enabling them and us to scale the platform and add new features while maintaining a consistent look and feel.


The platform represents a huge leap forward in enterprise connectivity management. With easy-to-digest, at-a-glance dashboards and everything managed under one application, the frontend and the supporting infrastructure are a massive step away from the IT dashboards of the ’90s. With a roadmap for continued development, we can ensure that the Tiviti product adapts to changing customer needs in network and connectivity management.


The Tiviti product is used by a number of large organisations across a variety of sectors to effectively manage their connectivity; including Social Chain, Wrigleys Solicitors LLP, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice and St Mary’s Hospice. The platform has helped these organisations to reduce dependence on IT departments and free up resource, as well as control costs through having more control and visibility over their network and billing and subscriptions.

“Working with Adaptable has been a great experience so far, the team are friendly, thorough, and knowledgeable. We’ve built a strong relationship since starting the project, which allows us to build the platform at pace, challenge ideas openly and solve problems effectively.”

Lorenzo Schittone
Product Architect
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