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Founded in 2003, Utilita is currently the energy supplier of choice for 830,000 households across the UK. They’re driven by a mission to give the power back to the customer to use and waste less energy. Their approach to customer service reflects this core ethos – giving customers and users more control through intuitive digital experiences.

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Crafting seamless

A key element of our work with Utilita has been creating a number of user experiences around engaging with new and existing services across their product and service ranges. The first phase of the project began with creating an online join journey which would enable users to get a quick quote for a new home boiler, or apply for the UK government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.

The boiler quote experience serves as a blueprint for join journeys for other offerings and products in the Utilita home range.
The onboarding journey needed to flow effortlessly for both Utilita’s customers and their internal team, ensuring the best possible experience.

Utilising the right technology

The join journeys we’ve created with Utilita are powered by headless web apps – meaning that the frontend user experience is separated from the backend content management system. The React frontend powered by a Sanity CMS has allowed us to create a scalable and secure solution that integrates more easily with their internal systems.

The digital products integrate via an API with their CRM, Core Logic, as well as externally with GOV.UK to help deliver a seamless customer experience driven by up-to-date data.

Agile testing

With the project organised into agile sprints, we were able to incrementally deploy functionality into a testing environment prior to hard launch. Key features and user journeys were then thoroughly tested by our team and then handed over to Utilita to test internally across key stakeholders and departments. Feedback was then collected, follow-up actions confirmed and executed within each sprint.

Bringing everything together

The range of service offerings we’ve been developing join journeys for are delivered under the “Utilita Home” sub-brand. This needed its own digital experience as an off-shoot from the main Utilita website to promote the energy offerings and provide a starting point for the join journeys.


We worked with Utilita’s brand and marketing team to create a marketing website that would showcase their range of energy-efficient services for “Home” customers and guide them seamlessly into obtaining a quote.

Keeping things consistent

From football stadiums to high street energy hubs – the Utilita brand is everywhere, and it’s highly recognisable and widely trusted. Keeping everything consistent across their digital experiences – join journeys, websites, mobile apps –  is vital in ensuring users know exactly who they’re dealing with, and get the experience they expect.

We’ve laid the foundations for a design system, encompassing everything from button styles to font sizes, ensuring that we’re presenting something clear, consistent, and uniquely Utilita.

Key integrations

The digital products integrate via an API with their CRM, Core Logic, as well as externally with GOV.UK to help deliver a seamless customer experience driven by up-to-date data.

Customer retention

For form fills that don’t end in a booking, details are captured in Core Logic which enables Utilita to stay engaged with users even if they aren’t currently operating in their area, helping with customer retention.

Automated processes

The funnel includes an automation that allows product pricing to be imported to the CMS via Core Logic, creating one source of truth and reducing the need for manual intervention.

“As a business, we have always utilised the latest and most reliable technology to give our customers the best possible experience – putting them first in every instance. This is why it’s really exciting to be working with a business that’s as well respected as Adaptable – leaning on their expertise to explore new ways to bolster our digital offering.”

Nic Rhodes
Director of Brand Marketing
Utilita Energy
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