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Digital Design

Our processes centre around growth driven design sprints, continuously improving the effectiveness of your product

In a world where we are bombarded with information, we strip back the unnecessary to deliver simple & engaging digital experiences.

The Process

Our process varies from project to project, whether we’re sketching down ideas on scraps of paper or mocking up wireframe prototypes, we adapt to work in the most efficient way for each project’s needs.

We put pen to paper to communicate ideas as often as possible, plastering our walls with rough concepts & visual inspiration to kick-start creative thinking in the studio. We’re all about collaboration, preferring to work with you, rather than for you. Our clients become part of the team.

We design with data. Reviewing existing analytical data allows us to understand & identify missed opportunities & to create an appropriate design strategy. We shouldn’t need to mention that we design responsive as standard, but there are still agencies out there trying to offer ‘responsive design’ as an add-on!

When presenting interface designs, we use Invision. This allows us to effortlessly gather thoughts & feedback from multiple stakeholders.


Growth Driven Design

Once the site has been launched, we draw attention back to the original design features wishlist and what is remaining. These items will generally fall into one of four top-level categories:

- Boost Conversion
- Improve User Experience
- Personalised to the User
- Building Marketing Assets

The inventory of wishlist action items will be evaluated in light of basic hypothesis statements to determine the order by which the items will be deployed to the website. The hypothesis statement will identify the (a) persona and (b) page being impacted as well as the (c) status quo / control variable versus the (d) new variable being introduced. Finally, it will (e) suggest the expected impact and (f) the reasons fuelling those expectations.

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