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When you’re competing for users’ attention, every second counts. A 2 second delay in page load time increases bounce rates by up to 103%. Every website we build is done so with performance optimisation in mind – but we can take that to the next level with a headless website.

What is a headless website?

A headless website is a setup that decouples a static customer-facing frontend from the backend content management – e.g. a WordPress CMS with a React.js front-end. This is an alternative to a “traditional” CMS setup where everything is bundled into a single application, hosted and served with the website every time a request is made for a page. Separating the content management layer from the presentation layer offers a whole host of benefits, including faster loading speeds, improved security, and more flexibility.

Benefits of headless CMS

Improved performance

Traditional CMS architecture has to spend resources on content editing, and content rendering. A headless CMS has an advantage over traditional alternatives because it doesn’t have to deal with the rendering side of things – that’s left to other more specialised parts of your stack.

Developer flexibility

Because headless content is served over APIs, developers can choose whatever own front-end framework is best. If you’d prefer to work with Javascript instead of PHP or Ruby, you can do that. You can also interchange parts of your stack, or move from one framework to another without affecting the CMS.

Enhanced security

Because headless content management is separated from the presentation layer, there’s a smaller area of attack, reducing the chances of your CMS being targeted and breached.

to innovation

We pride ourselves on always learning and always evolving. We keep our ear to the ground and our finger on the pulse when it comes to new ways of doing things and building better digital products. Our engineering team gets dedicated time to research and explore different ways to approach your website build, assessing all of the latest technologies and techniques to ensure you get the end product that’s right for you and your needs.

The right fit
for you

We’ll design and build your headless website with the right technology stack that fits your needs. With expertise and experience in a number of CMS and front-end frameworks, including WordPress, Sanity and Next.js. That being said, we don’t exclusively build in headless environments. Sometimes, it’s not a good fit, and we carefully assess each and every web project we take on for its viability as a headless project. Rest assured, even if your website isn’t built headless, we still focus on optimising for performance using industry standard tools. Find out more about our website offering and enterprise WordPress solutions.

Transitioning to headless - Davidson Homes

We worked with long term client partner, American housebuilder Davidson Homes, to transition from their WordPress environment to a headless website powered by Sanity CMS, allowing them to work with complex channels of data and 3rd party integrations whilst keeping the customer facing experience super quick.

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