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Shopify eCommerce

Shopify Design Process

We’ve launched many Shopify sites, each one has been carefully designed from scratch. Our design processes for ecommerce stores is always focused around placing the user at the heart of the experience. Working with our user experience and digital designers, your store will be created around your specific, business and customer needs.

Shopify Hosting

Shopify operates as a Saas product (software as a service) meaning shopify hosts your ecommerce store on their network. Following this approach has many benefits. Some of these include:


Level 1 PCI compliant web hosting and shopping cart software keeping customer data secure.

Fast Content Delivery

Content delivery network (CDN) for delivering your site as quickly as possible, wherever your customers are.

No Server Set up

There’s no need to source and setup your own server. Shopify takes care of infrastructure and all software upgrades. You always get the latest Shopify updates for free.

Shopify Integrations

Shopify has its own apps marketplace which is full of different adds-ons that covers everything from marketing, shipping, accounting and customer service. Whilst most apps have small monthly fee, it enables you to add new functionality to your website very quickly.

Shopify Migration

You may already operate an eCommerce store and are looking to move to Shopify. You may be worried about data migration and the processes involved. At adaptable we’re able to migrate all your users across to your new Shopify platform along with product data. This will save you administrative time on configuring product data and settings again, along with making the transfer process as seamless as possible for your operations and users.

Shopify POS

With Shopify POS you can sell your products and accept payment on your iPhone or iPad. The best part is you no longer have to spend time copying data from one platform to another. Shopify’s POS system updates your inventory, orders, and customers in real-time so you don’t have to.

Shopify Support

We have carefully planned service level agreements (SLA) which gives our clients peace of mind if any problems ever arise. However, our SLA’s are not just focused around support, we build in time to work with you across a variety areas of site improvements such as conversion rate optimsation. Clients have 24/7 access to our support desks with guaranteed response and estimate resolution times.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Constantly re-working elements of an eCommerce website can make a huge difference to your conversion rates. We’re able to plan out A/B tests across specific website elements or pages and implement these tests with a select number of your customers through using our testing software Optimizley. Our results are always reported back before looking ahead to an implementation plan.

Shopify for Start-Ups

We realise that starting a new business can mean a lot of initial costs in the early stages. For brands just starting out we have several start up packages available to help you start trading online quickly. For more information about our start up packages please get in touch.

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