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User Experience

We place users at the heart of any project strategy.

Our user experience and UI process are closely intertwined – we don’t believe that they should sit as separate services undertaken by different teams. At adaptable we see user experience as an opportunity to understand and define user needs combined with business goals. Part of the UX processes means we plan and prototype through a variety of executions, here’s some of these processes:

Information Architecture

Looking at the overriding site architecture of a project is important to plot any potential routes that users take, when entering your website at various entry points. We quickly assess various options by using our sitemap prototyping cards. It’s the quickest way to get a team around the table and quickly plot, evaluate and take ideas further forward.


Rapid Prototyping with InVision

Putting pen to paper is our normal starting point when prototyping a new website or digital product. When we move to high-fidelity prototypes, we utilise InVision to piece together the stages of the customer journey. Having this visual base allows for testing in a very early form without using up resource with fully fleshed out interfaces.


Workshops are normally the first stage of any project. Our workshops are interactive and require active participation from everyone. There are no lengthy presentations from us as we want to hear from you and the needs of your users. All workshops are video recorded so no idea is missed when we review post meeting. Our workshops are ideal for up to 8 stakeholders per session at our Birmingham studio.

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