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User Insight

Use tests & data to help make informed decisions about your digital product

Gathering customer insight is vital to validating a digital product. At adaptable we undertake a variety of insight gathering throughout digital projects with continuing support and understanding post launch. Some of ways we gather insight are through, but not limited to: customer/staff interviews, tracking software, surveys, and focus groups.

For us, gathering insight isn’t a bolt on at the end of a project once it’s been pushed live. Gathering this information is something we do from the start

A/B Testing

Whether we are testing website content, specific page elements or different templates. A/B testing allows us to experiment with different tests to understand how users are interacting with your website or digital product. Our tests can be segmented by device, browser, campaign, (to name a few) to uncover key insights. Along with running this form of testing, we are also able to experiment with personalised content, which can be served to specific user types across your website.

On Demand Video Testing

Understanding how users are interacting with a new feature or website in the early stages of build is important. Without validating features with real customers, the design process is led largely by what is presumed to work. We video test the user experience, with anything from a flat proptype to a fully working development site with users sourced based on our ideal target markets.

Based on the demographic users we select to test with and our chosen list of testing questions/statements, we get to study videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they navigate your website or digital product.

Selecting defined demographics provides a useful source of feedback and data. However, we’re able to test with your actual customers through our private video recording portal.

Useful Measurement, Reporting & Tracking

MixPanel allows for advanced tracking and testing. At adaptable we specifically use it for building funnels and tracking experiments. Funnels are a way to visually measure how customers move through a series of events on your website or app. MixPanel collects highly filterable data to help with data driven decision making.

Google Analytics

As standard google analytics, and enhanced versions are the starting point for tracking in most projects. However, digging around Google Analytics can be very time consuming! Over the years, we’ve built custom visual reports that allow clients to view data, relating to specific periods, with predefined metrics, all delivered in a digestible form

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