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Sanity is a next-gen headless CMS platform – offering a powerful editing experience, highly customisable elements and complete compatibility and flexibility with modern frameworks. We work with headless Sanity websites in order to cater for a wider range of customer needs and offer a completely tailored experience. Sanity powers some of the biggest websites in the world – including Nike, Figma and Sonos.

Headless Sanity CMS Websites

Sanity is a headless CMS – meaning it does not produce a frontend UI. Structuring your website in this way gives frontend developers the flexibility to create super fast, tailored interfaces that are highly scalable. It also improves security, as the frontend and backend are decoupled, creating a smaller footprint for hackers to target.

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Powerful editing experiences

Sanity offers one of the most easy to use and intuitive editing and content publishing experiences, which is also fully customisable. Modular structures and flexible components allow for easy page building whilst keeping things consistent. Sanity also offers real-time collaboration and editing and live previews, making producing great content easier.

Frontend Flexibility

With the flexibility of a decoupled backend enabling us to use the best frontend frameworks available, you’ll launch your website with a front-end that’s lightning fast. Our typical headless tech stack for a Sanity CMS backend comprises a Next.js frontend, GROQ for querying data and Vercel for deployment. With experience and expertise across a range of frameworks, we can tailor the tech stack to you and your project, ensuring you get the backend tools and integrations, as well as the frontend experiences you need to make your website work for your users.

Headless Sanity Website for American Homebuilder

We worked with our parnter and one of America’s fastest growing homebuilders Davidson Homes to transition them to a headless Sanity CMS website. This enabled the scalability and flexibility they needed to process masses of complex property data while keeping the frontend user experience super quick.

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