Product Development

We craft beautiful digital products that work.

Our team has the experience of tackling complex business problems with innovative digital product development that moves at speed with your ambitions and customer expectations.

We use agile not as a buzzword but as a method to build a backlog and get things done when building your digital product. Agile supports our process to help get you to where you need to be, without overwhelming it or causing process bloat.

Product and software development covers a wide range of digital outcomes such as web apps, native apps and software as a service (SaaS) for a few examples.

Digital products (and even websites) are not one-off projects if you want to constantly improve your offering based on customer behaviour, changes in technology and business momentum. If you’re looking for a short term solution and relationship with a digital studio like adaptable, we’re probably not the right team to build your digital product.

Product strategy

To be able to initiate digital product development with our team, we require close collaboration with your organisation to help define exactly what the product strategy will be. We help you to define the product strategy through our discovery process. Post the discovery process, we’ll help you prioritise the core opportunities to maximise value.

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Agile product sprints

Digital product development should be treated as an opportunity to constantly evolve your offering to help your reach and improve your commercial goals, whilst hand in hand providing an enjoyable customer experience for your customers to keep them returning and making their lives easier.

We have a finely tuned design and engineering approach to make this happen around agile product sprints. Product sprints are mapped out in advance of any activity happening, guided by the product road map. Each sprint will be divided up between our team’s particular skill set meaning you have the right team working on a specific part of your product throughout its lifetime.

Our sprints are based around some core principles of continuous delivery, embracing change, collaborating closely and doing only what’s essential (rather than everything in one).

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